Having been producing PE rope for the past 30 years.KEYVAN PLAST has  stood the test of time & has introduced PE rope as one its major products.Strong customer demand and quality PE rope made the broad of directorsestablish the second phase of KEYVAN PLAST in the same region in the year 2000.at present the first & second units of our company are producing PE rope ranging from 2 to 16 mm with the annual production capacity of 2700 tons.

Being equipped with six production lines of PE Pipes KEYVAN PLAST has capability of producing PE Pipes ranging from 12 to 450 mm.with the assistance of a modern laboratory together with experienced personnel in both its production lines & quality control section.KEYVAN PLAST has proven
the point that the company aims to offer good value & service to its costumers thus contributing to improvement of the quality of its products.

Having a wide variety of nylon producing machines we are capable of producing nylon rolls at various widths up to 4 m